He started recording in the 1960's, released his first record in the seventies and in recent years he has issued a number of vocal, dub and various artist cd's including We Roots, Gotcha Covered, Perseverance, Make it Right, Conscious Dub, Last Call, Looks Like Trouble and California Dubbin'.

It's Time is a set of all-original material backed by musicians from Jamaica, Venezuela, LA and the UK playing rockers-style reggae rhythms rooted in the classic golden era. Chuck's own influences include folk, country, rock, jazz and rhythm and blues but ska, rock steady and reggae are at the root of the music even though he doesn't try to sing in patois. The songs address contemporary issues ad the vibe is positive.



1) Wicked Man

2) Heat of the Moment

3) Dance

4) Party Girl

5) I Love You More Than Christmas

6) The Forecast

7) Invisible Man

8) Out Here In California

9) What Happened To the One Love

10) My Radio

11) I Did Get High

12) Street People

13) You Can't Sow War and Reap Peace

14) It's Time

15) Every Day Is Judgement Day


Chuck Foster is available for interviews, link via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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